Mony-Tree Features List

All Mony-Tree membership levels include, but are not limited to the following features:

Revolutionary Website Wizard

Build high quality, attractive, search-engine-optimized niche stores in minutes with our Site Wizard. And most importantly, they WORK when it comes to bringing in money. eBay Affiliate Niche sites are some of the highest converting sites I've ever seen!

UNLIMITED Bandwidth, and No Hosting Fees

For each website you build with our system, you have an unlimited bandwidth quota--that means you can send as much traffic as you want to your niche stores! Your hosting is included with your membership so all you'll be paying for is your low-cost monthly membership fee. You won't find this anywhere else!

Works with ANY Operating System

Windows? Mac? Linux? Home? Work? Doesn't matter. Our system and software is 100% online so as long as you have a working internet connection, you can access your Back Office, create websites, and manage your online business from ANYWHERE in the world.

Easy-to-Use Website Manager

Using the Website Manager in your Back Office, you can manage all of your niche stores with one, easy-to-use interface. You'll never have to struggle with "keeping up" with all of your projects ever again.

Sites Automatically Populated With Updated Products

Your websites are automatically populated with product listings and content based on the keywords you choose--and the listings/content are automatically updated every day to keep the search engine spiders coming back for more. Furthermore, every website you make has a dynamically updating sitemap...meaning anytime you add/remove categories, products, or make any changes, the updates are AUTOMATICALLY changed in your sitemap. Still not sure what this means? Well, don't worry, just know that it is a VERY good thing.

Access to Exclusive, Members-Only Back Office

Have access to your personalized Back Office to manage your Mony-Tree business and personal training with ease. You'll also have unlimited access to regularly updated content featuring articles, videos, and software downloads to ensure your online business success.

Powerful Software, Without the Technical Hassle

No technical knowledge is required when building your websites--you complete the straight-forward steps, click 'Build Your Website' and your website is instantly live. No database installation, no uploading, no dealing with web hosts, and no more grey hairs when it comes to niche store building/marketing!

Add Unlimited Pages to Your Websites

Using the Site Manager, you can add an unlimited amount of pages to each website--populate your sites with useful articles along with products to turn your niche stores into highly profitable authority websites.

Track Website Statistics to Maximize Your Profit

You have the option of inserting StatCounter (or other invisible tracking code) into your websites to monitor detailed statistics of each website--useful for knowing what to tweak to increase individual website profit. You are given step-by-step instructions on how to set this up.

Easily Update Your Websites

Update your website at the click of your mouse! Add pages/make changes later on, long after you have completed the initial Site Wizard to allow you to adjust your websites based on market demand/internet searches/current trends.

Request Custom Header Graphics

You may request custom header graphics to be made by our professional graphics artist (via Help Desk system) specifically for your website if you are not satisfied with the extensive graphic library's continually growing selection.

Growing Training Library

Every member is granted unlimited access to a growing training library that features articles, videos, eBooks, software, etc. to help you start/grow your online business. Additionally, stay up-to-date with Mony-Tree changes and updates, internet marketing news, scam warnings, etc.

Easy-to-Use Help Desk System

All members have access to the help desk system to find solutions to problems/issues/questions you may have as a Mony-Tree member. All support requests are handled with urgency so nobody is left out in the dark.

Free Updates for Life

We have lots of things planned for the near future of, and as a member you will have unlimited access to any updates and improvements we make to our system.

Growing Number of Tools Available

All members have Unlimited access to a growing number of tools such as our Keyword Suggestion Tool which will help give you an idea of what additional pages to add to your niche store website--even if you have little-to-no knowledge in a particular niche!

Access to Staff Contact Information

You will have access to all of the staff members' contact information to express your thoughts, ideas, questions, etc. directly with the co-owners who are not only behind the whole system, but programmed it from scratch!

Additional, Premium Resources Available

You are provided with the option to take advantage of additional resources at the lowest prices to boost your PageRank, get high quality back-links, keyword-rich content, traffic, etc. These resources are completely optional, and are normally used AFTER profits can cover the extra costs.

And much more... is the best value niche store builder/online business/money-making system available. For example, if you were to create ten niche stores with our system, those same EXACT websites (with all the graphics, search engine optimization, regularly updated content, etc.) would cost you a minimum of $300 (in many cases, much more) PER WEBSITE if you were to hire a web designer to do the job for you--and that is just the cost for creating the website.

That's not including any additional hosting fees you would incur, setup/installation fees you would have to pay, search engine optimization costs, the list goes on. With, you not only have access to a site builder, but your websites are instantly live, and you have access to tools, training resources, and support for one low-cost monthly fee based on the membership plan you choose.

This is what you've been waiting for. So what are you waiting for now? Join today...