Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most common questions asked by both members and visitors.

Is your software compatible with eBay's New Affiliate Program, the eBay Partner Network?

Absolutely. Mony-Tree is 100% fully compatible with the eBay Partner Network (EPN), so there is no dealing with Commission Junction anymore when it comes to eBay Affiliate Commissions. This has its advantages and disadvantages. It is now easier to get your site hooked up with eBay affiliate ads, but it is now more difficult to get accepted into the EPN. However, we'll give you the exact steps you need to take to help you get accepted and start making money!

If I don't have to worry about stock, processing orders, etc, then what determines the products that appear on my niche sites that are built with the Mony-Tree Site Wizard?

You will choose a broad niche keyword for the front-page of the website, which will determine the best products to display on that website. Additionally, you will have access to keyword tools to find other high-demand keywords to choose for up to as many extra pages you want to add to your website(s).

Do I already have to have a domain and hosting before signing up for your service?

There used to be a black and white answer to this. As far as having a domain name, you won't need one immediately. You can build your first website with our niche software and get it ready to go before you buy a domain name. However, it is fairly necessary now to have a domain name if you are applying to EPN for the first time. This is not because of us, this is because eBay has tightened the belt on who they accept as affiliates.

You will also need to buy a new domain name for each new site you build. This is a must for anyone serious at all about building any kind of online business. Do I need hosting? No. In fact, you won't need hosting at all because all of the websites you build with our system will be hosted on our servers (99.9% uptime). If you have a domain name already, we will give you direction on how to set it up with our FREE hosting once you are a member and have created your site (to be assigned to that domain).

I don't know anything about building a website, setting up hosting, or search engine optimization... how in the world am I going to succeed with Mony-Tree-built niche websites?

That's perfectly fine--we designed the system to be technically hassle-free, yet still powerful enough for experienced web-developers to benefit from it. The hosting is completely taken care of by us, and we will guide you through (via skype, instant messaging, or phone if we have to) setting up your domain to work with our servers and your website. The Mony-Tree Site Wizard is so easy to use, you can build a great-looking, profit-pulling niche store in as little as five minutes! The Site Wizard also applies all the necessary SEO needed to get high rankings in today's top search engines--and we are constantly improving and "keeping up" with their ever-changing "rules".

And if that's not enough, we offer FREE initial 1-on-1 Internet Marketing consulting to all of our members to make sure you are well-"equipped" to make as much money with our system as possible. Oh, and did I mention that as a member, you also get access to our growing database of FREE content (for members only) that will further educate you on more ways to make money online, or expand on the "niche store" concept if you choose.

I heard that you have to apply off-page search engine optimization to your websites to get good rankings and not rely solely on on-page SEO(Search Engine Optimization), is that true?

That's absolutely right. The good news is, on-page SEO is completely taken care of for you automatically with our Site Wizard, so that's half the battle. To learn how to get backlinks (off-page optimization), we will provide you with our manuals, and full access to our forum where there is a wealth of information from our current members, many of whom are already ranking first page in Google for their sites...some using our niche software to nearly pay their mortgages each month!

Since my websites are being built with the Mony-Tree Site Wizard, will I have to display a Mony-Tree banner, logo, or link on my websites that I build?

Absolutely not! Most systems that require you to display some kind of logo or link are FREE services in an attempt to get something "back" from their members. Whether you are a free or paying member of, unless you leave the default text in some places throughout the wizard, there will be NO WAY to identify specifically that your website is connected to of your stores will have your OWN brand (that you choose) to improve the credibility of your site, which in-turn increases overall sales.

Will the domains that I purchase and use with my Mony-Tree websites actually be "hosted" by, or will they simply be redirected to your server?

Once you have purchased a domain name from your registrar and have it set up to work with our servers (we will guide you through the process step-by-step, it's very easy), that domain will actually be hosted by will be no redirection, but a direct connection to our servers. Why is this important? Many search engine spiders and lots of other web services don't work well with redirection, and it is overall not very good for search engine optimization efforts which is why you will be in good hands with our service.

Since my domains/websites are hosted by, do I have any bandwidth limitations?

Nope, there are no bandwidth limitations for our members. In fact, we encourage you to send as much traffic as you can to the websites you create with our system because the more traffic you get, the more money you will earn.

How can I be sure that this system works (websites, the training, tools, resources, etc.)?

Well, aside from trying it out for yourself...We, the people behind are "practicing" members ourselves! That's right, we use our own service in the exact way our members do to earn money with niche websites, so you can always be sure that a product works if the creators are using it--and we wouldn't use something that is broke, nor would we give our members something that doesn't work. But the only way to be 100% sure is to try it yourself, have a positive attitude, and remember that getting listed in search engines to make money is a process that requires patience at first, but continues to produce better results over time.

I've seen other "niche store" builders out there that claim to be able to create "mony-making" websites very similar to the one's that Mony-Tree allows members to build... what sets Mony-Tree apart from the rest?

The overall "niche store" concept is nothing new; however, most of the software out there require you to generate the websites, edit some code if you want it fully optimized and "personalized", and have enough technical knowledge to set up your own domain, hosting, file uploading and database connection--which is something most people are very unfamiliary with, and frankly don't have the time to learn while also trying to learn how to make the niche stores "work" once they ARE finally online.

Getting a niche store up and running with Mony-Tree is as simple as logging in, going to the Site Wizard, filling out a very user-friendly form and clicking the button at the end of the wizard! Your websites are hosted by us, so you don't have to worry about paying for an extra hosting fee from some other company, and the databse for your website is automatically set up upon completing the Site Wizard... a very non-technical process that requires you to know how to click the mouse, and our revolutionary Site Wizard refuses to produce anything less than "top-notch" websites for our members.

There are many other things that set Mony-Tree apart from other "niche store" builders, and some of those things include: 100% web-based access so no need to install software or worry about operating system requirements or SQL database installations, FREE access to our growing database of Internet Marketing tools, regularly updated exclusive content and updates, training material, etc.

Mony-Tree is not merely a "niche-store" builder, it is a complete Online Money-Making Solution for those who are serious about starting an online business with a solid foundation. And because it is member-ship based, our members area continues to grow, the Site Wizard continues to improve, and our members continue to earn more money!

Is there a steep learning curve that comes along with using your system?

No, not at all--and that's coming from actual people who have used the system. Once you log into your Back Office, you will be able to jump right in. But in case you are concerned, we have included a very simple Getting Started guide which will ensure you are 100% ready.

I never planned on starting an eBay business, nor did I want to get into selling things on eBay as an online business--why should I become a Mony-Tree member?

The niche stores you build with eBay will not be listings that YOU create or products you provide/choose/ship. You simply enter a keyword when creating the individual pages of your website, and our Site Wizard will generate an updated listing of products on eBay that match your keyword. You earn money as an eBay affiliate whenever someone purchases a product from your website, or simply becomes an eBay member after clicking through from a link to your site!

You are not actually creating eBay listings, or even using the eBay system as a member. This is a non-traditional method of making money with eBay, but a rapidly growing, highly-profitable new route to take.